Oh dear lord!  what a disastrous week!

It really started to go wrong a week past Thursday when my son was struck down by a vomiting illness, that lasted a couple of days and then it took another few for him to recover completely.  After that baby madestuff and myself picked up something flu-like and we’ve both been ill and snotty ever since, we appear to be on the mend now but we’re still pretty rough and I appear to have developed something of an ‘upset stomach’.

Needless to say there hasn’t been a hellish lot of photography going on.  In fact I managed three before it all got too much for me, I didn’t have a theme.  Here they are.

Things should be back to normal in a few days.  Fingers Crossed.

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  1. Joanna Jones says:

    Hope you are all on the mend. First day of spring today . . . hope the weather knows this where you are!

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