This will, hopefully, be the last week of random images as I start down the road of weekly themes.  More of that in a mo though.

Having just reviewed the images from the last week I’d say I’m rather pleased with the photo’s by-and-large.  I’ve revisited a piece of subject matter from week two, the condiment pot, with much better results and tried a few pieces away from my standard white background.  One image being on an, albeit white, plate while the others included dark backgrounds, a kitchen setting and an ‘action’ shot.

I’m probably most pleased with the image of the contents of a Lipton ‘Moroccan’ tea bag and the straw hat, but otherwise disappointed with the picture of the pens.  Anyway, here’re this week’s selection:

Next week’s theme will be ‘fabric’, chiefly I will be looking for patterns and textures and since Mrs MadeStuff has an abundance of the stuff I’m hoping to be able to get some decent shots … assuming I can figure out where she’s hiding it.

I now have a fairly decent list of themes but am interested to hear any more suggestions, if I can find my list I’ll share it with you next week.

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