Damn it!

My intention of only taking, and I quote only from last week,

flora (weather permitting), music, and anything else that peeks my interest

has fallen flat on it’s face.  I managed most of the week but it just isn’t sustainable, right now there aren’t an awful lot of flowers or plants about (largely due to the feet deep snow drifts), I don’t own enough instruments to do much more than I have (although there’s still the guitar and trombone that haven’t featured), and my interest has been notably unpeeked of late.

The answer then?

Themes, weekly themes.  I’ve not applied much thought to it as yet but a few suggestions have been made, these being:

  • Green.  I like this lots of potential there when the weather improves, and why not other colours too.  I think there may be mileage in this.
  • Machinery.  Possibly, the tourist railway is right there and they have lots of old hulking pieces of machinery lying around.  There might also be other opportunities, I know where there’s a farm machinery dealership, dare I be the geek that goes along to take some pics of his favourite John Deer tractor?
  • Animals.  Maybe, although it might just end up as an awful lot of pictures of our two dogs … only one of which is in anyway picturesque, and she’s only got three legs.  But then we also get sheep and cows around here and there are plenty of chickens, usually escaping from people’s gardens.

Anyway, none of that this week, this week we are mostly having shiny brass instruments, a landscape, and a little bit of cross-stitch.  Enjoy!

Notions for themes are welcome, please leave your ideas in the comments section, PLEASE!!!

Also, as ever, constructive criticism welcome.

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