Four weeks in and I’m still at it!

If there is one thing I have come to realise though in the last week, it is this.  I cannot continue simply taking photo’s of random objects, if this project is to remain of interest to me, or indeed you – dear singular reader – then it needs to be something more.  In the first instance the subject matter needs to be of more interest to me, simply to keep me alert to it if nothing else.  This essentially means that there is likely to be more in the way of flora (weather permitting), music, and anything else that peeks my interest … I would include crafts on the list but I seem to have so little time for real crafts of late that it’s inclusion would lend itself to false hope!!

The second, and possibly more important, item is that the photo’s have to get better.  I think I already have a reasonable eye for what makes a good photo, although I don’t always pull it off, and so there’s room for improvement on that front.  For me that just means looking more closely at images I like and applying some critical thinking to those as well as making a stronger critique of my own pics.  On this latter point I’m open to criticism from whoever might wish to give it.

The other thing I need to do it learn how to use my equipment better.  I have a Nikon D40 with the standard issue lens, a tripod, and no budget for anything else.  Budget aside I should be able to do more with the kit I’ve got and so it is I have begun the first real steps into delving into the inner working of the camera!

Anyway, below are this weeks pics.  The last of which was taken as I began to figure out what ‘A’ stands for, ‘Aperture priority’, apparently.

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