We’ll be in Leadhills Village Hall tomorrow and would love to see loads of folks there, just so you all know the roads are clear, the M74 is clear and despite the rest of the country being under several feet of snow Leadhills has (for once) got off fairly lightly!  No excuses then!!  We’re expecting this to be our last fair for a while, we have no serious plans for doing many – if any – next year.  So we would dearly love to see folks before we go into our ‘retreat’ for the next while.

We were at Penicuik High School last week and whilst it was quiet we ended up having a really good day, one of our best for some time actually, of course the fabulous ginger-bread men went down a storm again.  It was actually rather reassuring given how much some of the other stall holders were whinging about the foot-fall and poor takings, still we weren’t the only ones who did well and I must say I found the whole affair was rather well organised despite the lack of advertising.  The School kids (young adults really) were really good, polite, and helpful and I must wish them all the best in their appeal to raise funds for their Malawi exchange trip.  My only real critisicm of the day was the people who started clearing away about 45 minutes before the official end time, always a poor show in my opinion even if you are having the most appalling day.

I bought myself a wee belated birthday present while I was there, I big clock from Ember Furniture who had brought along a number of her smaller items.  We’ve actually bought a couple of nice pieces in the last few months and I really must get some pics up so you can see some of the beautiful work people are producing.

Anyway, we’ll see you on Saturday unless, you know, you’re off sledging or something!

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