We had a good day at Hillhead Library yesterday meeting lots and lots of nice people, and one or two horrible individuals too.  Fortunately the latter were heavily outnumbered by the former, but I would like to say to the women who said, in a rather obnoxious tone, that the sock creatures were ugly:

hell mrs, have you looked in a mirror recently?

Anyway, such unpleasantness aside it really was a nice day albeit long day made all the better by the very nice shoppers we met, the lovely stall holders and the very nice cafe across the road that kept us in coffee!  I was slightly surprised by the venue that was smaller and slightly more dated than I expected – 70′s eye-bending style carpet, peculiar gilted wallpaper and some rather dodgy lamps, this however belied a pleasant atmosphere although I did feel for the parent with prams who would’ve struggled with the stairs up to the hall.

Our best seller’s on the day were the mini gingerbread men which seemed to fly off the table, inciting not just comment, but sales and murmurs about waist-lines!!  I have to admit it was a peculiar day in terms of sale with the tried and trusted items remaining on the table whilst some of the newer or generally less popular products selling surprisingly well … all very odd!

Anyway, next up is Penicuik High School which is holding a craft fair in aid of an exchange trip with Malawi.  See our events page for details.

2 Comments on Glasgow’s Hillhead Library Craft Fair

  1. Baye says:

    There are always a few people lacking basic good manners. Despite knowing that they are the ones with a problem, rude comments can dampen anyone’s mood.

    I’ve had a few people who just cannot understand why I make sock creatures. The humor is lost on them. No explanations get through. I’ve finally resorted to saying that we apparently don’t share the same sense of humor.

    I can see why the mini cookies were a hit. The do look enticing!

  2. Alasdair says:

    It’s not even that we mind constructive criticisms, comes with the territory, but downright rudeness is another matter entirely. I suppose the problem is that even one person like that can take the shine off the entire day, even when you’ve had loads of really positive comments!

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