Well we had our first fair in the run-up to Christmas yesterday, and whilst most people are avoiding the ‘C’ word in polite company there’s no doubt that it’s on people’s minds and that it emerges from unguarded lips, whispered in hushed tones as decisions are made as to whether little Jimmy would like this or perhaps Aunty May would appreciate that.  For our part we think that all mention of the ‘C’ word should be banned until November at the earliest.

Our last fair at this venue was disappointing, although this time around we were pleased to see a much greater foot-fall and far more people taking an active interest with a view to buying, to be honest though I’m as happy to stand and have a blether about what we do as I am if some nice shopper decides to make a purchase!

We had gone armed to this fair with a heap of chocolate dipped ginger bread men that we spent the previous evening making, a sample of a product aimed specifically at ‘C’ time.  They seemed to go down well, although they were free and were mostly eaten by the kiddie-winkles who, let’s face it, are generally delighted by anything with so much as trace elements of sweetie-ness!

Again the fair had a pleasant atmosphere with an interesting mix of crafters and shoppers alike.  We even made a purchase ourselves, something we generally try and avoid, although it turns out that when it can’t be avoided it costs us our day’s takings and the rest, still, it’s difficult to put a value on a piece of original artwork.  I’ll be posting those images at a later date though, hopefully as part of a featured artist post.

In the meantime we’d like to thank everyone who managed to get along to the fair and also the other stall-holders who were a bit fab.

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  1. Baye says:

    Love those sock creatures and the cookies. I don’t sell my crafts, but as a volunteer coordinator, I do have to set up tables at colleges and such to try to entice someone into joining us. I feel that same as you do about sharing conversations. I’m just as happy to talk to someone as I am when I get someone to sign up to be a volunteer.

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