As promised – the sock creatures I was working on last weekend…I was very busy, although I must admit that the sock monkey took the best part of two weeks (between real work, you know, the one that pays the mortgage!)

sockmonkey01 sockmonkey02 sockmonkey03

First up, that sock monkey.  A real labour of love.  They are very easy to make but take what seems like forever.

sockrabbit01 sockrabbit02 sockrabbit03

This very scary looking rabbit was supposed to be cute but turned out a bit Donnie Darko.  I blame my disturbed mind!

redwetty01 redwetty02 redwetty03

This is Red Wetty from the book Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy, the one I talked about in my previous post.  He’s the easiest of the creatures in the book and mine would have looked like the one in the book had I not decided to use a really small child’s sock as opposed to the recommended adult sock.  I also wasn’t brave enough to add teeth, which he has in the book.  Still, he’s got a certain charm.

owlsley01 owlsley02 owlsley03

Finally Owlsley, again from the book and, again it’s not the same as the one in the book.  John Murphy recommends a sort of hanging tag type thing made with an offcut of a tie, but we don’t have any ties and I thought it looked a bit too silly so I forewent it.

So, there you have it…all four sock creatures, all different and all very enjoyable to make.  You can make these from any sock although I tend to use knee high socks…just let your imagination run wild or go buy the book and follow the instructions.

All now available in our facebook and Coriandr shops

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