With all the snow that has been bombarding some parts of the world this past couple of weeks you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there is such a thing as sunshine or summer. With that in mind, we thought our readers might like a little reminder:

Folk Art Mixed Media Painting (print) by DUDADAZE ~ $10

Bring Your Own Sunshine by DUDADAZE ~ $10

 ~ click image to go to item for sale

Sensational Stripes Fused Glass Plate by Kirsty Sly ~ $52


Sunshine by shopgimme ~ $150

My Sunshine Watercolour by mishmashmarket ~ $40

My Sunshine (personalise) by mishmashmarket ~ $40

Click on the images to go to the shops and see more from these talented artists.

Meanwhile, back at MadeStuff, we’re battling with the elements and will creating again just as soon as we have dug our way out.

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