I’ve been chatting recently with my sister about what one might do with 200-odd left-over roof slates, how she might engrave, decorate, and otherwise use them in a crafty capacity.  Since I have a rotary hobby tool I use for some wood carving and grinding stones to use with it I suggested I’d see what you could do with it before she made the investment herself.  By coincidence Jolene and I have also been looking at engraving, carving and polishing pebbles, although we’ve not made any in-roads there yet so this seemed like an ideal opportunity to lay aside the sandpaper for a while and break-out the grinding stones!


I made a few attempts, just messing more than anything, trying out different shapes and the like with limited success.  What I did come away with though was this little face, nothing particularly exciting but I think it could be a start of something and with that my thoughts return to the pebbles!

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2 Comments on experimenting with engraving on slate

  1. graham hadley says:

    living in wales we see some wonderful slate stones and I am also very interested in leaning to engrave in the stone of the Gods,

  2. HELENA says:

    I have seen slate used as a grave marker for a pet, with a simple inscription, sold for horrendous prices, say, £60-90. Luckily whilst digging over a corner of my garden, I found a lovely, large piece of perfect blue grey slate. So when I came to bury my poor cat Figs :( I remembered this. I have yet to put paint to slate, but intend to. I know this isn’t the most cheerful of suggestions, but it is a market already out there apparently. It certainly seems a nice, natural way to mark the spot, if you want it marked.

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